Srodek's Campau Quality Sausage, Co.


the best homemade

imported products

We specialize in an excellent selection of homemade and imported products
that are rich in tradition and quality.

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Srodek's Sterling Heights LocationSrodek's Sterling Heights Location

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New Sterling Heights


We Are Open Now

Mound Road Construction

We are still open!

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You can get to our Sterling Heights location
from 18 mile road by using Brentwood.
On 18 mile road, take Brentwood south
to Bridgewood and head east to Mound road.

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Srodek's Hamtramck LocationSrodek's Hamtramck Location

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Throughout the years Srodek’s has been synonymous with quality;
producing and offering high-quality products to our customers with
a Homemade style and taste!

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