“We  came from Marine City. Waited for 1&1/2 hours in your store. Your clients are the nicest people I have met in a long time. Even after having waited (some up to 2 hours) they were still laughing and friendly…As was your staff. I remember my Busha’s kielbasa from Chicago, I thought it was the best…But your has that beat. After 50 years I found a kielbasa that I really love. It was worth the wait…My husband loved your hunter sausage also. I am already waiting in line at your new location.”
-Deborah Taube

“About a week ago, we stopped into your store.  It was a first visit for us, having read your ad in The Michigan Catholic.  We purchased a link of the  “veal-mix” (left side of your cooling cabinet), and a couple packages of pierogis.  Those purchases proved to us that the trip from Canton was worth it. The wife’s palate is “tender,”  Her comment, “This is the best sausage I’ve ever eaten.”  Coming from her that statement is quite a tribute.
We’ve had other sausages from other places (e.g., The European Sausage Company on Michigan Avenue near Trenton, Kowalski’s, etc.), and for her to say that your’s is the best is like being promoted to the front row of the sausage-making “class.”
Best to you –
“Hi” to that fellow we met – “Pan/Pahn”?